Chef Nawar

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Culinary Foundations

A Journey from Mastery to Innovation

Chef Jacques Nawar's career began in the esteemed French Embassy in Washington D.C., where his work in the bakery laid the foundation for his pastry skills. This early experience, emphasizing precision and artistry, set the stage for his culinary journey. Moving from the structured environment of the embassy to the dynamic culinary scene of Bethesda, Nawar continued to refine his craft, eventually leading him to West Seattle where he opened Pizzeria Credo.

  • Evolution of a Chef

    Nawar’s evolution from a skilled pastry chef to a successful restaurateur showcases his adaptability and innovative spirit. His dedication to culinary excellence has been evident in every venture, from Cafe Europa to Pizzeria Credo.

  • Culinary Philosophy

    Chef Nawar's philosophy centers on simplicity, quality, and the joy of sharing food. He believes in creating dishes that resonate with guests, combining traditional techniques with local flavors.

  • Inspiring the Next Generation

    Beyond his kitchen, Nawar is committed to mentoring aspiring chefs, sharing his passion for cooking and encouraging innovation within the culinary community.

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Community and Legacy

Beyond the Plate: Impact and Engagement

Chef Nawar's impact extends beyond the confines of the kitchen. Through his establishments, he has fostered a sense of community and belonging, creating spaces where people can come together to enjoy the art of food. His efforts to support local suppliers and emphasize sustainability reflect his commitment to a larger culinary ecosystem.

Chef Nawar encourages everyone to explore the world of cooking, to learn and to grow. He envisions a future where the culinary arts are accessible to all, inspiring creativity and bringing people together through the universal language of food.

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