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Seattle's Premier Choux & Eclairs Pastry Destination

Panterelli Patisserie, inspired by the rich history of choux pastry and brought to life by Chef Jacques Nawar, offers an exquisite array of eclairs and cream puffs. Nestled in the heart of West Seattle, our patisserie is the first in the US dedicated solely to these delicate delights. Each creation is a work of art, crafted with seasonal, local ingredients and an Instagram-worthy flair!

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A Culinary Pioneer

America's Choux Capital

Panterelli Patisserie stands as a beacon of culinary innovation, being the first in the US dedicated solely to choux pastry. Our menu, inspired by the legacy of Chef Panterelli and the streets of Paris, brings a touch of European elegance to West Seattle.

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Meet the Mastermind

Chef Jacques Nawar

From the bustling kitchens of Pizzeria Credo to the refined pastries of Panterelli, Chef Jacques Nawar continues to enchant Seattle's culinary scene. His passion for quality and innovation is baked into every bite, making each visit an experience to remember.

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Signature Creations


Discover the artistry behind our eclairs and cream puffs, each piece a testament to the passion and precision of Panterelli Patisserie. From classic vanilla to daring passion fruit, our pastries redefine indulgence.

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Ready to indulge in the exquisite world of choux pastries? Visit Panterelli Patisserie in West Seattle for a taste of elegance and innovation.

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